Amazon and IBM Announce LinuxONE Server Partnership ***

Amazon have announced today a new strategic relationship with IBM for the supply of IBM’s LinuxONE servers following Monday’s Prime Day Outage – The newly announced strategic partnership will see Amazon shift workload in AWS datacenters to the world’s most scalable and highly available Linux server, IBM’s LinuxONE.

A senior Amazon official was quoted late yesterday after the market closed saying “After the debacle of the Prime Day Outage and our infrastructure’s inability to handle extreme demand, we Googled what was the most performant Linux server on the market… and top of the list was IBM’s LinuxONE.  After we did 5-minutes of research and saw the capabilities of LinuxONE it was obvious we had to buy some…”

IBM were pleased to take the call.  Steven Dickens LinuxONE Global Sales Leader was quoted  as saying “getting a direct call from Jeff Bezos early on Tuesday morning was certainly a highlight.  The Amazon team emailing a PO for 10,000 LinuxONE Emperor II’s later that day will certainly help my Q3 targets…”

Dickens went on to say “what attracted Amazon to LinuxONE was the server’s ability to instantly scale up to 377 billion transactions per day with 12x more speed, 1ms responses, and 99.999% availability.”

The IBM LinuxONE Emperor II is available with up to 170 configurable cores using the world’s fastest commercial processor running at 5.2 GHz, for impressive performance and massive scaling. It can support up to 8,000 virtual Linux servers on a single footprint.

For more information on IBM’s LinuxONE servers click here.


*** For those of you who have not realised everything above the line is fake news, a joke. An attempt at parody.  None of what is written in the paragraph’s above is true. ***

What is not a joke are the capabilities of LinuxONE.

The technical challenges that Amazon faced on Monday and led to approximately $100m of lost business could have been avoided.  In extreme cases of demand, commodity x86 based architectures are exposed.  If you place your faith in the scale-out approach there comes a point where you can’t shard out anymore and things just fall over… This is what happened to Amazon and it led to significant lost business potential and reputational impact.

LinuxONE is based on a different scale-up archiecture and is used by some of the worlds largest organisations to handle extreme perfromance and never fail, ever… Just ask MasterCard, VISA and AMEX all of which use the same underlying technology to support extreme spikes in credit card processing. Notice they did not experience any issues on Amazon Prime Day.

To find out more about how LinuxONE can help then please check out this link.