7 Mainframe Taboos We Should Break

Having worked ‘on The Mainframe’ for almost 20 years at a variety of clients and sites I’ve come about a number of taboos within the Mainframe ‘ecosystem’ that are sometimes just doing my head in and just need to be broken. These taboos can be seen across the playing field and when I say across, I do mean across. Ranging from banks to insurance companies, from airlines to pension funds and from governmental institutions to ‘narrow-lane truck and heavy container warehouses’ and heard through the vox populi. Yes there are actually global warehouses running their stuff on The Mainframe (and … Continue reading 7 Mainframe Taboos We Should Break

z Systems: Accelerating Business Success

In a recent blog, I outlined how I saw the further strides being made by IBM with the launch of the new z13 mainframe. This blog aims to underline why this matters so much to today’s digital world. Supporting the Digital Age “The z13 is designed to handle billions of transactions for the mobile economy.  Only the IBM mainframe can put the power of the world’s most secure data centers in the palm of your hand,” said Tom Rosamilia, Senior Vice President, IBM Systems. But why does that matter? Performance: The uptick in performance announced with the new z13 architecture … Continue reading z Systems: Accelerating Business Success

Enterprise Clouds and the MSP

The maturation of the Cloud Computing market continues to accelerate and so ubiquitous is the spread of workloads across all dimensions of the Cloud that one could argue that Cloud has become the new way of saying IT infrastructure. As is often the case with mature markets, commoditization has also accelerated and is impacting even the largest hyperscale providers, as evidenced by the recent decision by Rackspace to exit the IaaS segment in favor of the more profitable managed services opportunity. This decision is one being faced by other MSPs/CSPs as they look for ways to differentiate themselves and ensure … Continue reading Enterprise Clouds and the MSP