1,001 Reasons Why The Class of 2015 Should Consider a Mainframe Career

It’s spring and in college towns across the country that means one thing: it’s graduation season. A time for family, celebration, and tons of pictures. This is perhaps truer in no place more so than Boston, a town with 250,000 college students. But walk into any bar or coffee shop around Tufts, BU, or any of the 35 colleges in the Boston area and you’re not likely to see a lot of students celebrating…yet. Why? Because many of them still have one BIG item left to check off their college bucket lists and that is finding a job. This year, … Continue reading 1,001 Reasons Why The Class of 2015 Should Consider a Mainframe Career

Mainframe Theme Song

Earlier this week, I participated in my first #mainframedebate, it was quite fun. Not only did I meet new people, but some great colleagues and I worked together on the event. One question from the crowd asked “If the mainframe had a theme song, what would it be ?” Of course, we all had a few initial reactions – “We are the Champions”, “Walk that Dinosaur”… laughs had all around… but then a funny thing happened, even though other questions kept coming in – we kept thinking about that perfect song. Two hours later, I was still humming songs and … Continue reading Mainframe Theme Song

7 Mainframe Taboos We Should Break

Having worked ‘on The Mainframe’ for almost 20 years at a variety of clients and sites I’ve come about a number of taboos within the Mainframe ‘ecosystem’ that are sometimes just doing my head in and just need to be broken. These taboos can be seen across the playing field and when I say across, I do mean across. Ranging from banks to insurance companies, from airlines to pension funds and from governmental institutions to ‘narrow-lane truck and heavy container warehouses’ and heard through the vox populi. Yes there are actually global warehouses running their stuff on The Mainframe (and … Continue reading 7 Mainframe Taboos We Should Break

What’s in a name…

Never in my 15+ year career of working on The Mainframe have I been more surprised (and probably pleased) with the nomenclature for my precious platform. I am not talking about the numbering-system (2064, …, 2088, …, 2098,…) but the ‘common denominators’. Going back to the day I had my ‘love-on-first-sight’ experience with The Mainframe (in my defence, it was a hot summer day in 1998) the machine was called an ES/9000 from the System/390 family. I forgot if she was was G4 or a G5 but I do remember she was a 24, 27, 31 and 32 bit machine which took … Continue reading What’s in a name…

Automating Workload Deployment on z Systems

Automating Workload Deployment on z Systems One of the primary benefits of adopting cloud computing is the ability to spin up a new environment – primarily for development – in an automated and rapid manner.  Taking the set of usually mundane tasks – allocating network connectivity, configuring security, acquiring software licenses, etc. – and automating them with the right degree of approvals and validations.  Whereas we’ve been highlighting the strengths of the mainframe in providing secure isolation/multi-tenancy, elastic scaling, chargeback, etc. that characterize cloud computing, we haven’t had the self-service portal and the installation scripts to deploy the key workloads … Continue reading Automating Workload Deployment on z Systems

Day 2 at Interconnect

Yesterday was such a packed day, ending in such an awesome evening that you are getting this post mid-morning on the 3rd day!!!  The day started with a really engaged panel discussion with our Cloud experts and clients with a guest appearance by Neil Cattermull from Compare the Cloud.  Then I ran to the MGM and did 2 pieces to camera for our sellers, so they can on their tablet understand the value prop for cloud on z, if your interested the 4 key themes are: TCO, Security, Availability and QoS…   Then I had a meeting with the WorldWide … Continue reading Day 2 at Interconnect

Day 1 at Interconnect

So… day one so far at Interconnect: Meet for breakfast with the team at Redhat to discuss MSP models and OpenStack and how we grow the platform.  Then meet with the team at Compare the Cloud to discuss how MSP’s can leverage the platform, then meet with a couple of clients about building service delivery models on top of the mainframe.  Then pitch to 45 people about the mainframe as a cloud platform. Watch your GM present on why Infrastructure Matters with an amazing interlude but the CEO of Radixx Ron Perri…. Then the day takes a turn for the … Continue reading Day 1 at Interconnect

z Systems: Accelerating Business Success

In a recent blog, I outlined how I saw the further strides being made by IBM with the launch of the new z13 mainframe. This blog aims to underline why this matters so much to today’s digital world. Supporting the Digital Age “The z13 is designed to handle billions of transactions for the mobile economy.  Only the IBM mainframe can put the power of the world’s most secure data centers in the palm of your hand,” said Tom Rosamilia, Senior Vice President, IBM Systems. But why does that matter? Performance: The uptick in performance announced with the new z13 architecture … Continue reading z Systems: Accelerating Business Success

Docker and the Mainframe

Docker and Z Systems – Now I’ve heard it all! If you were paying attention at the announce of the new z13 processor, you might have noticed that IBM announced that they have Docker containers working on z Systems now. If you read https://www.business-cloud.com/articles/news/ibm-puts-mainframe-centre-stage-z13-launch, you’ll see some of the key opportunities that Docker unlocks for both existing mainframe customers and new candidates, like service providers – and a few challenges as well like pricing. What is notable now is that the paradigm that most application developers are gravitating towards will now enable simpler deployment of those new applications on the … Continue reading Docker and the Mainframe

Converse All Stars and the Mainframe

Converse All Stars and the Mainframe I came of age during the 1960s and like most American boys, I was immersed in sports. While I played football and baseball, basketball was my true love. I worshipped heroes such as Oscar (the Big “O”) Robertson, and Wilt Chamberlain. Burned in my memory is the pure form of a Jerry West jump shot or the unstoppable nature of a Lew Alcindor sky-hook, which retained all of its lethalness even after he changed his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. I emulated everything about these Hall-of-Famers, which was somewhat difficult as I was vertically challenged … Continue reading Converse All Stars and the Mainframe