007 + z13

It’s a numbers game for the z13 and 007 The IBM Mainframe and the movie character James Bond have now shared an illustrious history. Since 1953, James Bond has morphed from Sean Connery into Daniel Craig just as effortlessly as the S/360 has transformed into the mighty z13 – and both have had many ‘models’ along the way. While 007 has always been 007 he has survived many remakes and remodels to be brought up to date. He’s serious box office, just as the z13 is delivering the goods for IBM. With the latest mainframe already going great guns and … Continue reading 007 + z13

1,001 Reasons Why The Class of 2015 Should Consider a Mainframe Career

It’s spring and in college towns across the country that means one thing: it’s graduation season. A time for family, celebration, and tons of pictures. This is perhaps truer in no place more so than Boston, a town with 250,000 college students. But walk into any bar or coffee shop around Tufts, BU, or any of the 35 colleges in the Boston area and you’re not likely to see a lot of students celebrating…yet. Why? Because many of them still have one BIG item left to check off their college bucket lists and that is finding a job. This year, … Continue reading 1,001 Reasons Why The Class of 2015 Should Consider a Mainframe Career

Mobile, The Millennial and The Mainframe

Mobile, The Millennial and The Mainframe I recently took a quiz online that asked ‘How Millennial Are You?’* From the 15 questions I answered I received a score of 94/100- so I would say that makes me ‘very millennial’ (the mark of a millennial was a score of 73 or higher…) But what does being a millennial actually mean? Well, according to this quiz, it meant I’ve watched some TV, haven’t read a ‘physical’ newspaper in some time, have a social networking presence, and, most importantly, spend a hideous amount of time on my mobile phone. In fact, I only … Continue reading Mobile, The Millennial and The Mainframe

7 Mainframe Taboos We Should Break

Having worked ‘on The Mainframe’ for almost 20 years at a variety of clients and sites I’ve come about a number of taboos within the Mainframe ‘ecosystem’ that are sometimes just doing my head in and just need to be broken. These taboos can be seen across the playing field and when I say across, I do mean across. Ranging from banks to insurance companies, from airlines to pension funds and from governmental institutions to ‘narrow-lane truck and heavy container warehouses’ and heard through the vox populi. Yes there are actually global warehouses running their stuff on The Mainframe (and … Continue reading 7 Mainframe Taboos We Should Break

Millenials and the Mainframe

Millenials and the Mainframe Unfortunately, we have started to see a trend where not many young professionals are joining the z workforce. Fortunately, myself and six others at IBM in 2014 were selected to be z Technical Client Specialists in the USA. If you are looking for an interesting, meaningful, and challenging job then you will definitely be impressed by what the mainframe environment can offer.  On a daily basis you have a direct impact on the business decision and strategy supporting infrastructures of huge companies. “Every day is a new day” with a lot of learning opportunities and not … Continue reading Millenials and the Mainframe