LinuxONE, Containers and Docker

I am sure you have seen the recent LinuxONE announcements from IBM over the last month but wanted to draw you attention to the Scalable Financial Trading Analysis & Insight demo presented by @DonnaExplorer during LinuxCon. It is arguably our coolest demo since the days of the Mettle Test. We can prove that LinuxONE system can perfectly run sentiment analysis, trade transactions and geospatial analysis … with open source products like Spark, MongoDB, MariaDB, PosgreSQL, Docker, Kafka, Chef and node.js. It is really exciting and impressive stuff! Maybe you have missed the Thought Leadership White Paper about Open Source Solutions on LinuxONE … the paper is showing superior LinuxONE performance … Continue reading LinuxONE, Containers and Docker

The reaction to LinuxONE and the Open Mainframe Project

As the week draws to a close on the east coast of the US at least, I wanted to put to pen to paper (or hit some keys at least) on what for me has been one of the most exciting professional journeys of my career thus far.  Not much more than 3-months ago a number of concepts started to crystallize in my head and those of a small group of people in the z Systems brand team.  Those ideas focused around the need to not only promote and amplify our messaging around Linux on z Systems, but go further … Continue reading The reaction to LinuxONE and the Open Mainframe Project

A Look at Docker and Portability

Often enough, Docker is mentioned in one breath with portability. However, there are two dimensions of portability: first, running a container on any system of the same platform. Here, Docker really simplifies deploying applications on any system (of the same instruction set architecture). From a Linux on z Systems perspective, the second aspect of cross platform portability is more interesting: portability across platforms. Often enough, getting a container to run on z is not a big deal, but sometimes it is. Let’s decompose this: Start with the Docker interface: whether that refers to the CLI or REST API, it is … Continue reading A Look at Docker and Portability