Infrastructure Twitter Chat

Do you have something to say? We’d love to hear it! Join me and some other IT leaders on Wednesday, December 14 at Noon ET for an IBM Systems Twitter Chat on IT infrastructure for the cognitive era. By following along the hashtag #ILeadIT, you’ll help answer questions to some of today’s challenges when IT leaders design, build and deliver for this new era.   How a Twitter Chat Works This blog has its roots in a twitter chat that we used to run with the hashtag #mainframedebate but as a refresher a Twitter chat is an easy way to get … Continue reading Infrastructure Twitter Chat

Open Source Databases – Crowd Sourced Platforms for Big Data

Today’s IT database infrastructure is shifting. New business requirements and the need to accommodate exponential growth in the amount and types of data require a new approach. Many companies are surrounding or replacing their traditional enterprise database (RDBMS) with new open source database management systems (OSDBMS) for more flexibility, speed and efficiency as they build new applications to address new business demands. According to Gartner, more than 70 percent of new in-house applications will be developed on an OSDBMS by 2018, and 50 percent of existing commercial RDBMSs will be on the way to leveraging open source technology. Consider the following business needs: … Continue reading Open Source Databases – Crowd Sourced Platforms for Big Data

LinuxONE and large VM’s – a Linux Infrastructure performance perspective

At VM Ware World mid-last year HP, VM Ware and IBM Storage got together to talk about some findings they got from internal benchmarks, the even went so far as to produce, a whitepaper was published by the VMware performance folks describing a scalability test of running multiple RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.5 virtual machines under vSphere 5.5 on a 240 core HP Superdome X. While the focus of the study, known as Project Capstone (*), was on the scalability of multiple VMs, we thought it would be interesting to compare how an IBM LinuxONE Emperor machine would perform, using a … Continue reading LinuxONE and large VM’s – a Linux Infrastructure performance perspective

Ubuntu and other Open Source announcements.

Today marks another big day for mainframe, with Ubuntu from Canonical joining RHEL and SLES on the platform as Linux distributions. With Ubuntu claiming to be the fastest growing Linux distribution and also the defacto platform for OpenStack cloud deployments not having it run on the industry most advanced systems was until now a gap… However as both Ubuntu has matured towards enterprise mission critical environments and the mainframe has become  deployment platform of choice for organisations wanting to deploy Linux; at scale, with security built in, with uptime measured and decades for those most performant of applications then Ubuntu … Continue reading Ubuntu and other Open Source announcements.

KVM on z Systems – GA Today!!!

SUSE, IBM, and KVM: Powering the Future of the Mainframe Now Available! Today, you can get the advantage of mainframe computing with Linux using KVM. The increasing complexity and resulting costs of managing distributed servers forces companies to juggle the cost of infrastructure and business support, and the skills to manage it all. SUSE is the first to bring Linux to the mainframe through a collaboration with IBM. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is the perfect guest to combine the advantages of the IBM mainframe with the flexibility and open standards of a mission-critical open source operating system. SUSE and IBM … Continue reading KVM on z Systems – GA Today!!!