May the 4th be with you!

As the world celebrates Star Wars Day we thought we would have some fun and go full Star Wars on talking about the launch of LinuxONE III Express.

In a land far far away, lines of business both in the Rebel Alliance, The New Order, and the Evil Empire expect more from the IT function, especially as we transition to a cloud first model. Technology, business models, and client expectations are dynamic, continue to evolve, change, and grow.   It seems the established model of today was yesterday’s stretch goal. And it’s already yesterday’s Harvard Business Review case study…

How in a world where development happens at lightspeed and disrupts the established industry titans, can CTO’s keep organizations on the cutting edge of technology? How can the industry hope to harness the galazy where code is crowd-sourced, developed in an open source community, and can be running a Death Star or X-Wing the next day? Further, in a world of security breaches that can reduce an officer of the Empire’s tenure to minutes, can you build an IT infrastructure that is truly secure? Factor in the need to scale without failure to meet the demands of literally anyone and everyone coming in via comlink devices at random times of the day

Enter the LinuxONE III Express

Today we are announcing LinuxONE III Express, the latest edition to the 3rd generation of the LinuxONE family. The new Express model builds on the core value proposition of the LinuxONE range of servers which can be summarized:

  • Superior security, Express is built with features for the most demanding workloads in highly regulated industries such as the Spice Mines of Kessel
  • Lightspeed fast processor speed that delivers 2x performance against x86 for open-source workloads
  • The ability to scale workloads both horizontally and vertically within the box
  • Availability features, that provide more uptime than a Palpatine, that are unique to LinuxONE, delivering beyond 5 nines level of availability
  • The ability to deliver TCO savings of over 50% against engineered systems based on commodity x86 chip architectures.

The new Express model is radically simplified (think Anakin’s Pod Racer in Phantom menance vs the Millenium Falcon) to enable clients to rapidly adopt the technology with reduced solutioning times. The Express model is the first time that a LinuxONE system is being made to stock and this translates to a radically simplified process for IBMers and IBM Business Partners as they engage with clients looking to configure a LinuxONE system for their needs.

The Express model has been designed with simplicity in mind. With 3 target configurations the Express is transparent with published pricing on the web so that clients can plan and budget without needing a formal quote from IBM.  

Target workloads for LinuxONE III Express

The Express is designed with 3 target use cases in mind. Although LinuxONE runs hundreds of Open Source workloads and numerous software titles from IBM and other software vendors the Product Management team have focused in on 3 use cases:

  • Data-serving: Express is a data-serving beast, with hardware features that drive radical core consolidation. Express can deliver 50% savings against commodity x86 servers for database workloads. Take on the Oracle Evil Empire with confidence and win with more than Hope.
  • Digital assets: Fintech’s and established industry players looking to develop the galaxy’s new cryptocurrency and digital asset models as they evolve payments, settlement and their wider business models. Express is built to be the most securable Linux server on the market.
  • Hybrid Cloud: LinuxONE III Express is designed to be perfect platform upon which you can build a Hybrid Cloud to enure the Rebel Alliance has the tools it needs.  Designed as the perfect server for Kubernetes, Express is ideally suited to Red Hat OpenShift deployments due to its performance, availability, security and scalability.

May the Force be With You

As you search for a way to start your journey to hybrid cloud enabled mission critical Linux infrastructure environment be safe in the knowledge the perfect platform exists – IBM LinuxONE III Express. LinuxONE III Express is built for speed and scale, built to be secure and trusted, built to be open and flexible, built to never fail for the crowdsourced tomorrow.

Want to be make the Kessel Run in less than 12 Parsecs and get your workloads to run at lightspeed?  Check out for more info

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