Open Mainframe Summit review…

We at the Open Mainframe Project were blown away by the enthusiasm and community support at our inaugural Open Mainframe Summit. We are finishing up the event transparency report, which will provide a full breakdown of the event. Here are a few highlights:

384 registered attendees, which is a 156% over our original goal, that represented more than 175 companies

Attendees gave the event an overall average satisfaction rating of 97%

Open Mainframe Project announced its record growth with five new projects (CBT Tape, GenevaERS, Software Discovery Tool and Mainframe Open Education), a new COBOL Working Group and Micro Focus as a new member.

Events like this are the work of a diverse and cohesive community, and the OMP team personally wants to thank all the speakers, attendees, sponsors, and staff that made this possible. We are excited to announce that we’re currently looking at dates for the 2021 Open Mainframe Summit – look for details coming soon!

We can’t believe we are now in the last quarter of 2020 and we still have much going on. Here are a few highlights…

New Webinar Series kicking off with Zowe!

We are pleased to announce a new monthly webinar series to showcase the great technical collaboration happening within the Open Mainframe Project and our hosted communities. 

The first webinar will be held on October 14, 2020 at 11:30am US Eastern Time, and with the first of many quarterly updates on Zowe. The agenda will be both a brief update on Zowe, along with a focus topic on learning how developers are extending the Zowe ZSS (z/OS back-end) to facilitate building in-depth (cross-memory, privileged, system-level) mainframe products with little-to-no assembler code required. Register now at

If you have a topic you would like to see covered or would like to present on an open-source project on the mainframe, let us know.

Open Mainframe Project at Open Source Summit EU Virtual

Open Mainframe Project is a Bronze sponsor of Open Source Summit EU Virtual, being held from October 26-29, 2020. Look for these talks from our community during the event….

Panel Discussion: Start the Girls Off Right: How You Can Help Get Girls Interested in Technology – Misty Decker, IBM; Kaitlyn Lowe, Brighton High School; Chloe Allen-Ede, University Student; Lella Halloum, Student & Z Ambassador

Panel Discussion: Bridging Modern DevOps and the Mainframe – John Mertic, Linux Foundation; Meredith Stowell, IBM & Len Santalucia, Vicom Infinity, Inc.

We also will be hosting an Open Mainframe Mini-Summit, which will focus on the momentum and growth of the project in 2020, along presentations from our 2020 summer mentorship class on the impacts made on the open-source ecosystem on the mainframe. 

Registration for this event is $50, which provides an immense depth of insight into the broad open-source world. Register now at 

Other events to find Open Mainframe Project at in 2020

All Things Open 2020 Virtual, being held on October 19-20, 2020, will have John Mertic’s session on Creating a sustainable open source ecosystem for mainframe through the Open Mainframe Project on October 20th at 4:15 pm-5:00 pm US/ET and Elizabeth Joseph presenting on October 20th at 1:30 pm-2:15 pm US/ET on A Tour of Open Source on the Mainframe.

IBM TechU Virtual, being held on October 26-29, 2020 will have multiple talks on Open Mainframe Project hosted projects such as Zowe, and will also have John Mertic as part of the opening session on October 26th.

Open Source Strategy Forum Virtual 2020, being held on November 12-13, 2020, will have Bridging Modern DevOps and the Mainframe – Meredith Stowell, IBM & John Mertic, The Linux Foundation.

Open Source Summit Japan Virtual 2020, being held December 2-4, 2020, will have Bridging Modern DevOps and the Mainframe – John Mertic, Linux Foundation & Meredith Stowell, IBM, and Creating a Sustainable Open Source Ecosystem for Mainframe through the Open Mainframe Project – John Mertic, Linux Foundation.

As always, working with the Governing Board and technical communities to find more ways to drive collaboration and engagement across the hosted projects and the ecosystem as a whole. If you see ways that Open Mainframe Project can help – feel free to reach out to me or come to an upcoming meeting and get involved.

Thank you, again, for your support of the Open Mainframe Project! Hope to see you at these events upcoming!

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