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You will have seen a lot from me recently on LinkedIn and Twitter promoting the Hyper Protect Database as a service offering from IBM Cloud so, in this blog I wanted to provide a little more context than 280 characters will allow.

Over the last couple of years IBM has looked to further drive adoption of cloud computing while addressing the burgeoning demands of clients for more mission-critical off-premises compute models where security and availability are of paramount concern.  It is with this design principle in mind that IBM has launched the Hyper Protect family of services on IBM Cloud.  Built on a foundation of IBM Systems’ most secure and highly available system, LinuxONE, the Hyper Protect range of services is positioned to service the most demanding of Linux workloads.

One of the services that is getting a lot of traction with clients is the Database-as-a-Service offering (DBaaS) providing managed and highly secure databases, including PostgreSQL and MongoDB Enterprise Server this public cloud services offers clients a  high level of data confidentiality for your sensitive data in the IBM Cloud.

This data confidentiality is key and worth expanding on.  In commodity public cloud services, the client has to put their faith in operational trust.  By this I mean that the client has to trust that the operational procedures and checks and balances are in place to prevent the cloud provider’s admins from having access to the client’s data and being able to do nefarious things with that data.

IBM Hyper Protect DBaaS offers a different approach and delivers ‘technical trust’.  This is delivered by the services offering 100% tamper-proof, enterprise cloud database environments with high availability for workloads with sensitive data. Built on LinuxONE technology, which provides built-in data encryption along with excellent vertical scalability and performance. It helps protect against threats of data breaches and data manipulation by privileged users and provides a high level of data confidentiality for data owners.  The IBM Cloud admins don’t have the ability to go rogue and do nefarious things with the client data, the system ensures this is not even technically possible.

With IBM Cloud Hyper Protect DBaaS, clients can provision, manage, maintain and monitor databases, MongoDB and PostgreSQL, through standardized APIs. Client can also retain your data in a fully encrypted client database without the need for specialized skills. This enables clients to take control back and provide complete data confidentiality and control over keys with Keep Your Own Key (KYOK) functionality

To summarise with IBM Cloud Hyper Protect DBaaS, clients have industry-leading security and complete control of their most mission-critical and sensitive data in the IBM Cloud.  So if you need the highest levels of data security and confidentiality delivered in a developer-friendly cloud model whilst ensuring high availability without sacrificing performance then look no further than IBM Cloud Hyper Protect DBaaS.  If you want more details then ping me and I will connect you to our experts.

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