Take the Pledge

The Ban “zLinux” Pledge

As advocates for the platform, we are increasingly looking to engage new clients and our distributed peers to position the Linux capabilities of the LinuxONE and Z platforms with new and existing clients.  In this endeavour we need to be super careful with the words we use and not unwittingly create objections in people’s minds.

“Linux is Linux is Linux” is a phrase you will often here me and others use.  What we mean is that the Linux Kernel is the same on every platform from a phone to a mainframe.  Don’t believe me?  Then check out this interview I did with Greg Kroah-Hartman the Linux Foundation fellow who runs the Linux Kernel development project.  Basically, this guy is #2 to Linus Torvalds at the Linux Foundation. http://www.vicominfinity.com/blog/index.php/2015/10/replay-1014-vicom-infinity-lunch-n-learn-teleconference-special-guest-speaker-greg-kroah-hartman-linux-foundation-fellow/

By using IBM slang and saying “zLinux” we create an impression in peoples minds that Linux on the platform we all know and love is a weird, ugly stepchild Linux and is somehow different from regular Linux that the normal Linux crowd know and love

So as a mainframe community can we all take the “Ban zLinux Pledge” and collectively eradicate this IBM slang from our conversations and written communications?  If you want to be a true pedant (like me) you can supersize your commitment to this pledge and correct any Mainframer who perpetuates their usage of this term. (Please don’t resort to violence that would be a step too far)

For anyone who doesn’t know what the proper term is, it’s “Linux on Z” when referring to Linux on Z branded server or just “Linux” when talking about a LinuxONE branded server. If you want to write a shortened version then “LoZ” is ok if a little clunky…

Rant over…

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