#Think2019 – What to look forward to

With a change of scenery, IBM THINK rolls around again.  This year’s IBM annual jamboree is set to be bigger, better and more ‘open’ than ever before.  Firstly, let’s get the change of venue out of the way. The pros and cons of San Francisco Vs Las Vegas will be the subject of much discussion this coming week.  All “under one roof” or “spread out across the city” will I am sure to be the most hotly debated topic, we will have our answer or at least a good idea by Friday…

Regardless of the venue, THINK 2019 is set to be a blockbuster.  Jim Whitehurst will be in town and I am sure we will start to see hints as to what lies ahead for IBM after the $34bn acquisition of Red Hat closes out later this year.  Ginni on Tuesday afternoon is sure to be the star performer, how much will she reveal? how much can’t be mentioned until after the acquisition closes? This will be the dance she has to do… and all live in front of the maddening crowds…

Apart from the CEO what else can you expect?

Well for me Blockchain will be a show highlight.  The technology is moving from POC to the mainstream.  I am sure we will be hearing about lots of new innovative uses cases that are now in production.  One such use case is the use of IBM’s LinuxONE technology as a secure home for digital assets.  My dear friend Peter Demeo is presenting a number of times this week on this fascinating use case with a couple of clients.  Please look him up in the THINK app as a speaker and be sure to head over to one of his sessions, you won’t be disappointed.

What else to look out for?

If you want some light-hearted fun and like being in front of the camera then get in touch with either Neil Catermull or myself on Twitter (@NeilCattermull or @StevenDickens3).  We will be roaming the Expo Hall on Wednesday and Thursday recording short punchy videos with passers-by trying to capture perspectives on THINK 2019 and we may have a few freebies to giveaway in the process.

Another conference highlight will be the Open Mainframe Project Cocktail Party on the SUSE booth (#562) at 5.30-6.30pm on Tuesday evening in the main Expo hall.  Come network with the open source community and the mainframe crowd.  The talk of the cocktail party will be the press release that goes out tomorrow from the Open Mainframe Project.  I can’t say too much ahead of the formal press announce, but it will be exciting stuff… You may want to check here for more.

All in all should be a fun packed and insightful week… If you want to get in touch this week Twitter is the best way to go, please DM me @StevenDickens3

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