Feeling pressure as the C-Suite leader for IT ?

You feel the pressure, you feel it building, you feel it every day, every hour, every minute, pressure to do more, develop more, innovate more, support your business more, be more. Every day in your role, your business expects more of the IT function you steer, the economy is evolving changing, growing, the established model of today is yesterday’s dream, yesterday’s stretch goal, yesterday’s next big thing.

How in a world where the next cool app makes billionaires of a handful college kids, can a CTO like you hope to keep his organization on the cutting edge of technology? How in a world where a CTO measures their tenure following a security breach in hours, can a CTO hope to build an IT infrastructure that is secure? How can you hope to scale your IT infrastructure to meet the demands of everyone, every person with a phone, everyone with an app zero’d in your infrastructure. How can you hope to harness the world where code is crowd sourced, developed in dorm rooms and then running your business the next day…

Imagine a platform built for scale, built to be secure, built to be open, built to never fail. Imagine if that platform harnessed the best of a legacy of trust, imagine if that platform came from an organization who you could trust, imagine… LinuxONE. LinuxONE a platform built to be open by design, LinuxONE a platform for the crowd sourced tomorrow, for the next big app, yours… and imagine a fortress with a mote, imagine that fortress is your IT infrastructure. Imagine LinuxONE in your datacenter always on, always at your back.

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