Fast cars, LinuxONE and z Systems

Over the last couple of weeks you will of seen a lot about LinuxONE on websites such as and covered by the industry press, if you follow me on Twitter I apologize for the excited coverage, but I wanted to give some more context on LinuxONE and its relationship to z Systems…

We are at inflection point in the industry, while Linux has been growing over the last 20-years the first 18 or so years have seen Linux as the operating system platform for enterprise grade software from traditional vendors such as IBM, SAP and Oracle. However the last 2-years or so has seen a new dynamic emerging in the industry. The new paradigm is Open Source software deployed on Linux.

Let me expand, where the early experience of Linux deployment was to commoditize the hardware and drive towards open systems, but still retain the mission critical characteristics through the choice of software that is deployed. Clients would look to Red Hat or SUSE for the operating system, x86 vendors such as HP, Dell or Cisco to provide the hardware and then turn to IBM, SAP or Oracle for the enterprise software.

However things are changing… Clients are now looking to deploy Open Source derived software running on Linux into mission critical environments and in a lot of cases this is a new deployment model…and for good reason. When the operating system is Linux, the application is open sourced and the hardware is commodity x86, concerns start to manifest themselves around availability, performance, scalability and security for mission critical workloads.

The question becomes – at which layer in the stack are you going to optimize for performance, availability, security and scale for mission critical deployments?

The answer from IBM is LinuxONE.

LinuxONE is designed to provide a robust, secure, available Linux focused platform for mission critical workloads, that is designed for the scale of new app economy deployments be they delivered via mobile or the cloud.

LinuxONE builds on a strong heritage of enterprise platform development within IBM focused on Linux and shares components with other IBM Systems offering. So lets touch on that, and bare with me while we drift into a Top Gear like analogy…(For those unaware of Top Gear, where have you been???)

Is an Audi a Volkswagen, is a SEAT a Skoda… the team at Volkswagen Group would tell you that, while their models across the group share components such as chassis and engines, they are very different cars aimed at very different buyers who buy cars for very different reasons. This is perhaps seen most extremely between Lamborghini and an Audi RS6 estate car, while both are luxury high performance vehicles that share the same engine, one can transport 5 adults and your dogs to the beach, the other is optimized for the race track…

The same is true for Audi and the Quatttro 4×4 system. This technology was developed for the demands of rallying and has now transitioned into the VW product range. When Lamborghini was acquired by the VW group back in 2010, it was seen that 4×4 technology would be a great differentiator for the Lamborghini product line up. The summary here is that while the engine is the same the car itself and the experience its users have with it is different…


The same is true for LinuxONE and z Systems. While the engine (processor, memory, cache etc.) are shared components, the car or the user experience is very different, take for example LinuxONE Elastic Pricing only available on LinuxONE.  This on premise cloud like pricing enables clients to deploy workloads in an metered lease Op-Ex model where you can grow or shrink in 1% increments…  So as Linux Infrastructure buyers decide on which infrastructure to deploy their application on they have a choice between on premise and off premise infrastructures.

So the commonality of components is a thing to be embraced as it enables IBM to leverage the best components in the industry to deliver two different solutions focused on different requirements being driven by different market dynamics.

LinuxONE can leverage the best of IBM Systems portfolio and package these components to deliver the best platform for the dynamics of the new Open Source applications and databases such as MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MariaDB and Cloudant, delivered on Linux as an operating system be that Red Hat, SUSE or Ubuntu all the time being laser focused on performance, availability, scale and security…

If you want to try out LinuxONE and are wondering how to get started it couldn’t be easier to test drive LinuxONE by clicking on



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