2016 in review…


2016 wow what a year… The big news was the US Election, Trump Vs Clinton – The grudge match to hopefully end all grudge matches. Whatever your views, and we certainly won’t be passing comment here, it was an election like none before.  In my homeland of the UK, again politics was the year’s big ‘event’, with the landscape of Europe forever being changed by the vote by the majority of UK to leave the EU, in what widely became known as BREXIT.

In the world of entertainment, 2016 has mainly been a year tinged by the passing of some huge and well liked stars.  For this Star Wars fan the passing of Carrie Fisher was a low spot.  Other major stars to leave us this year include David Bowie, George Michael and Prince.  Some of the UK’s most loved light entertainers also left us this year with the likes of Ken Dodd, Terry Wogan and a favorite of mine Ronnie Corbett all passing in 2016, if you haven’t heard of Ronnie Corbett check some of his work out here, he still cracks me up to this day…  Long may they all rest in peace.

In the world of Sport, the year was dominated by the Rio Olympics, which were a rip roaring success.  This success came as a huge relief given the angst in the pre-games build up.  Team GB came 2nd in the medals table (I had to mention it) and we continue to only need about 1m of population per medal, where the likes of Team USA need 3m for the same haul…  In other sports close to this writers heart the England Rugby team went 2016 unbeaten, with a Grand Slam in the 6 Nations and 4 victories over the Australians as particular highlights…  In another sport close to this writers heart Chris Froome won the Tour de France, with Adam Yates and the legend that is Mark Cavendish also having great showings. Again the year was tinged with sadness however, as ‘The Greatest’ Muhammed Ali passed away.  Heaven will certainly be a more lively place with him involved.

On the technology front the big news this year has been the inescapable rise of all things Blockchain.  This albeit relatively new technology has been taking the world by storm.  I think we will see big shifts that leverage this secure ledger technology in 2017.  IBM has been a mover and shaker in the technology thus far, and as part of this push LinuxONE is fast becoming the technology platform of choice for those looking to deploy Blockchain in a secure and scalable way…  If you want to try this technology from IBM, I suggest you take a look here.

As we start to look ahead into 2017, the major trends that will continue to garner the headlines are Cloud, Internet of Things and Cognitive as well as of course Blockchain.  The mainframe platform will as it always has continue to play a central role, so expect 2017 to be packed with many highlights…  The year gets off to a fast start with IBM Interconnect an early highlight, and later in the year we will see a new mainframe platform, which based on what I hear in the corridors of Poughkeepsie will be the best one yet.

For the mainframedebate.com team this year has seen us garner over 12,000 views and bring new bloggers into the fold.  If you want to get involved then get in touch with me via Twitter (@StevenDickens3) and send me 400-700 words on a topic of your choice as long as it is mainframe related…  Well that is about it from 2016, onwards and upwards into 2017 we go!


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