Infrastructure Twitter Chat

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Join me and some other IT leaders on Wednesday, December 14 at Noon ET for an IBM Systems Twitter Chat on IT infrastructure for the cognitive era. By following along the hashtag #ILeadIT, you’ll help answer questions to some of today’s challenges when IT leaders design, build and deliver for this new era.



How a Twitter Chat Works

This blog has its roots in a twitter chat that we used to run with the hashtag #mainframedebate but as a refresher a Twitter chat is an easy way to get involved in a discussion that can be about anything. The important part is to follow the specific hashtag for the event. You can do that natively in Twitter, on the #ILeadIT CrowdChat landing page, Hootsuite or any other platform of your choosing.

Once a question is posted by the host account, everyone following along in the “Twitterverse” can provide his or her answer in 140 characters or less. You do that by coordinating your answers with the questions. For example, question one will be tweeted with “Q1”. Your answer to that question will start with “A1”. That will continue through the course of the Twitter chat. Oh, and don’t forget to include the hashtag!

Remember, you only have a limited amount of characters, so make sure to be succinct and creative in your responses. To get the most out of a Twitter Chat, make sure to keep the conversation going by engaging with other participants by “liking” and “Retweeting” their answers with your personal comments. We’re all here to learn from each other.

Mark Your Calendar

This Twitter Chat is hosted by IBM Systems with co-host support from the following technology experts. Make sure to follow them on Twitter.

Mark D’Cunha


Engineer. Father. Archery Coach. Inventor (4 patents). Startup Advisor. Mobile and Cloud platforms. Building products that will rock your future! Tweets my own.

Andrew Hay


Devastatingly handsome CISO (ED: hopefully not according to Andrew) @DataGravityInc. Security, DFIR, DevOps, cloud, business, and BBQ renaissance man of most trades (master of some)

Major Hayden

Principal Architect at Rackspace working on OpenStack clouds; Linux nerd, Fedora contributor, former EMT, RHCA/CMDBA/GSEC/GCUX; PGP 0xC1011FB1

Andrew Tudor


#Mainframe Service Integration Leader @IBM #IBM #Cloud #Analytics #Mobile #Social #Security #Data #BlueMix #Leadership #FF Views & opinions are my own

And little old me, and in case you have been under a rock these last few years, you can find me on Twitter here Steven Dickens

Block your calendar if you’re interested in learning about three specific challenges that most companies face in the cognitive era: Understanding data, keeping pace with technology breakthroughs, and accelerating time-to-market.

I hope you’ll join us.

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