Ubuntu and other Open Source announcements.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 10.04.05

Today marks another big day for mainframe, with Ubuntu from Canonical joining RHEL and SLES on the platform as Linux distributions. With Ubuntu claiming to be the fastest growing Linux distribution and also the defacto platform for OpenStack cloud deployments not having it run on the industry most advanced systems was until now a gap… However as both Ubuntu has matured towards enterprise mission critical environments and the mainframe has become  deployment platform of choice for organisations wanting to deploy Linux; at scale, with security built in, with uptime measured and decades for those most performant of applications then Ubuntu running on the mainframe makes perfect sense.

Ubuntu 16.04 heralds some more firsts, namely LXD support, which is great for those looking for container flexibility; another great 16.04 feature is support for the latest rev of OpenStack. All in all Ubuntu is rapidly becoming the go to distro for those looking for modern DevOps tools and approaches.

In other news the ecosystem team within IBM has been busy with loads more ecosystem anouncments tumbling out on what seems to be a daily basis, so some highlights if you missed them:

  • PyPy is now supported on Linux on z Systems and LinuxONE click here for more details
  • OpenSUSE is now also supported on Linux on z Systems and LinuxONE click here for more details
  • GO is also now a supported language on Linux on z and LinuxONE check out more here

All in all lots going on in the mainframe ecosystem when it comes to Linux…

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