Interconnect 2016

So day one of Interconnect proper starts today and it seems to be shaping up to be a fantastic show for those inclined towards mainframe and mainframe based technology. Highlights of the show from my perspective should be:

LinuxONE Ecosystem Pavilion

In the main exhibition hall is the LinuxONE Ecosystem Pavilion, this behemoth of a stand showcases 9 technology partners that all work with LinuxONE, from Open Source databases to distros. It will be exciting to see the buzz around how people are looking to deploy Open Source at scale, with performance built in, ensure the highest levels of security and handle the scale of IoT and Mobile…  The booth will will even have ComparetheCloud on hand to showcase the LinuxONE community Cloud and sign people up.

Open Mainframe Project

Watch out for announcements on Tuesday from the Linux Foundation timed to coincide with Interconnect, and in particular the Open Mainframe Project. From my insider knowledge the update that hits the wire on Tuesday should be interesting for those inclined to think Linux on the mainframe is the platform of choice.  You can also catch the Linux Foundation talking about the project on the z Systems booth.  Make sure you say hi from me to John Mertic


The New baby mainframe was launched to much fanfare on FastCompany on 2/16 and rightly so… There will be a lot of focus on this baby mainframe, or single frame as thats what the ‘s’ stands for, at the show.  So make a point of stopping by the z Systems booth and checking it out…

Anomaly Detection Engine open source contribution

Back in August last year IBM announced that it would take the unprecedented step of giving up large parts of previously closed source mainframe code.  Check out the Open Mainframe project announcements for more details or ping Chris Brooker or Anuja  on Twitter for more details…

I will be presenting multiple times so check out my sessions and if you want to engage then the best way to get hold of me will be as always on Twitter.


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