SUSECon day one round up

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.43.21SUSECon round up

So I travelled out to SUSECon this last Sunday and arrived early Monday morning with the General Manager for z Systems and LinuxONE Ross Mauri, and apart from a prep session for Ross’ keynote Monday was largely a prep day, ensuring we were all set from and IBM perspective to really capitalise on the fantastic opportunity the event presented.

So today has been the first real day, and what a day!

Ross Mauri and Michael Miller got us off to a great start, announcing SUSE’s support for Elastic Pricing with LinuxONE and our collaboration efforts around Project GreenStack, a SUSE and IBM collaboration to work together on OpenStack, and SUSE products running on Linux on z and LinuxONE. Then I got the opportunity to talk to the exhibition hall on LinuxONE and the Open Mainframe Project.

We then go the opportunity to spend time with Matt Eastwood and Al Gillen from IDC where they grilled us on the LinuxONE engagement with the market and gave us their feedback on the approach we were taking, which netted out to good acknowledgement of our approach around open source ecosystem enablement.

Then next up was my good friend Dale Hoffman presenting to a packed room the Open Source demo that has got fantastic traction on YouTube. He presented the demo live (he is a braver man than I) and got really good engagement with lively Q&A after the demo.

I then got to do 2 segments to camera one on the buzz around LinuxONE and the other on the Open Mainframe Project and how it is driving traction in the Linux Community.  I then spent some time on the Open Mainframe Project booth with a student from one of the founding members Bedfordshire University. Ollie had flown himself over to Amsterdam on his own expense purely to take part and network in the event, as he felt so passionately about the mainframe and where Linux can take the platform.

We then got the surprise of the day, the fantastic team at SUSE gave us a 15th birthday party with cake and a band to sing us ‘Happy Birthday’, all to celebrate 15 amazing years of collaboration and joint innovation around Linux and in particular SLES on the mainframe.  All in all an interesting day! Oh and I might have had a couple of beers with the SUSE team as well to top it off… well one does have to celebrate when you have days like today…



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