Today marks a seminal moment in the 15-year history of Linux on the Mainframe, not since those first skunk works guys in Germany ignored their managers and ported Linux onto the mainframe has there been such a pivotal day.

IBM has decided to implement the ‘full court press’ (US sporting analogies, I must be settling in) on Linux on z Systems. The full roster includes: (note to self; stop the U.S. Sports references) GM Ross Mauri is keynoting at a Linux only conference (LinuxCon NA in Seattle) check out the live feed here, the Linux Foundation launching a collaborative project called the Open Mainframe Project (which has been personally close to my heart these last few months as I have tried to get this off the ground with the Linux Foundation’s amazing support).  Then we get to the amazing support that the Mainframe platform has garnered from Open Source luminaries such as Canonical with their Ubuntu distribution, Docker with their industry transforming Container technology, PostgreSQL, MariaDB and MongoDB with the next wave of databases both noSQL and SQL. Then there is KVM as an Open Source hipervisor, giving clients choice and flexibility at every layer of the stack. Finally open access to mainframe technology for the masses so the developer and ISV alike can get easy access to the platform, oh I forgot to mention a last minute draft (ok I promise that’s the last one) VM Ware support Cloud on Linux on z through their management software.

All in all a busy day for the Mainframe, all this and having tier one level support within IBM for the message to get the entire organisations focus and effort, speaks to the importance and relevance of these announcements.

As linux goes from the mainstream to the most demanding of workloads, then ONE platform has emerged as the only logical choice for mission critical, enterprise class, secure, scalable, performant Linux and today that platform has a new identity and that is LinuxONE and you can choose either a Rockhopper or an Emperor as your entry point…

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