Time to SHARE

Along with all the well-deserved attention that COBOL received when it hit 50, the mainframe enjoyed when it hit the half-century  and CICS will surely pick up when it hits the same landmark, another tech high water mark is about to be reached…

Let’s give you a clue with a twitter hashtag:


That’s right, it’s the 60th anniversary of the US-based, internationally-focused community event that provides a great platform for free-thinking and idea-sharing. SHARE remains the go-to event for tech pros looking to learn, network – and maybe influence industry thinking.

The recent Compuware whitepaper notes that “It is clear that CIOs fully recognize the power and value of the mainframe … 88% of respondents indicated that they believe it will remain a key business asset for at least the next 10 years”. But just as much as SHARE’s continued popularity relies on the continued evolution and innovation of the mainframe, its ongoing importance owes a great deal to the community itself.

There really is nothing quite like it and the list of partners says plenty. Naturally, IBM remains the Strategic Partner, while other leading industry names provide the additional content and discussion topics that attendees are looking for. Expect to find among the exhibitors the likes of Oracle, BMC and of course MicroFocus

For these organizations, SHARE represents a great opportunity to get the user-driven perspective that drives the creation of problem-solving products that meet genuine business needs. For delegates, this is the place to get up to speed on the hottest enterprise IT topics and choose from more than 500 technical education sessions.

Micro Focus (Editors note: so does IBM) loves SHARE. It’s where we get to showcase technology innovation to people who really get it. It’s where we hear about their strategic challenges and discuss ways we can help them on their application modernization journey. Who knows what theme will be this year? We’re hearing a lot about the challenges of sourcing the right development skills – and we have good news on that score.

We never miss SHARE and we’ll be there again this year. We’ll be bringing our roadshow along to the Orlando event on August 9–14 at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort in Florida.

If you are planning your trip, make a note to stop by at Booth #307 (Editors note – other booths are available) – just across the way from the IBM booth. 2015 is another big year for the mainframe community. It would be great to SHARE it with you.

Editors Note: MicroFocus’ Derek Briton (who is a Briton by name and nationality) sent me this note to post here, and I am always happy to work with MicroFocus as they look to evolve to support the mainframe platform and continue to position the mainframe as a strong platform for new workloads and evolve workloads that have been on the mainframe for years…

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