What is platform choice ?

Ok, so call me old fashioned, and take me back (quite) a few years and then the only type of platform I cared about was the size of the one on my shoes! You may remember them too , as they do pop in and out of fashion , quite regularly. In fact platform shoes have been doing so since around the 17th century , although , not really been “in vogue” until just before the 2nd world war .

These days platform consideration is more than the basis of a good outfit. Just as we have to consider the appearance we give as we dress for a night out, an interview or a visit to the bank manager – From the clothes on our backs to the (platform) shoes on our feet – shoes being the foundation of any good outfit (in my opinion anyway) Platform is also a huge consideration and is the basis of any Business .

Just as our mothers, or fathers for that matter, took into account the way we grew as children, and ensured we had the right size, or fit in our clothes and our shoes. So does most IT management with all types of business’. They take into account not only the current needs the infrastructure size of their business, but look forward and seek to provide the base for growth and change.

So why did I start talking about shoes you may well be asking yourself? OK , I am no “IT Techie” with a masters in computer science – but I know a lot about business and how to support it. I understand the nature of change, and how change requires agility and responsiveness, and I know that in this current fast moving world without boundaries how any and all IT management has to consider the infrastructure (platform) that they operate their business on .

Just one example – When I need to know something from my bank account, I no longer have to put on that business suit and (to me) the obligatory platform shoes , and visit my bank manager. I now just reach for my mobile phone – most of us do. And we have all by now heard , that always on Mobile access is causing explosive growth in transaction volumes at the heart of the business infrastructure. And what’s at the heart of those businesses and the infrastructure guaranteed to meet the most incredible of demands ? IBM z Systems that’s what…  So now when I am asked about platform choice – my reply – “an IBM mainframe of course” … Well after the Laboutins anyway.

Editors Note – Jacqui Shawley or ‘Jax’ to her friends is part of the IBM z Systems worldwide marketing and is always seen wearing fabulous shoes whatever the occasion.  If you want to follow her on Twitter check her out here @jacquishawley

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