The clock in the Poughkeepsie briefing Centre

I have noticed a clock in our briefing centre in Poughkeepsie below is the history of the clock…

As many of you know, the IBM Company was formed in 1911 out of the merger of three companies — The International Time Recording Company, the Computing Scale Company and the Hollerith Tabulating Machine Company. The combined company was called the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (C-T-R). In 1914, Thomas J. Watson Sr. was hired from the National Cash Register Company to run C-T-R.In 1924, the name was changed to IBM, and there it begins. 

This clock, manufactured in Endicott, NY by the International Time Recording Company, stood in the anteroom of Thomas J. Watson Sr.’s office at 50 Broad Street in New York City(NYC) until 1930, when it was moved to IBM’s new Headquarters at 270 Broadway, NYC. In 1938, it was relocated to the executive floor of 590 Madison Avenue, NYC. In the late 1940’s, the clock was then moved to the Kenyon House in Poughkeepsie (then the laboratory for IBM’s computer development efforts), where it continued in operation until 1994. From that point to the present, the clock was located in the Building 012 Executive Office area. 

Site management thought it now appropriate to house the clock here in the Development Laboratory so we can all appreciate where we came from as we develop the mainframes of today that fundamentally are the mainstay of our daily lives in this world. 

Stop by the area adjacent to the Building 705-1 Executive Briefing Center and take a peek. 

One thought on “The clock in the Poughkeepsie briefing Centre

  1. Passed probably several times the clock without knowing it’s history. Thank you for your hint. I’m one of those conservative folks that believes history can teach us something and that we should take care of things that remember us.


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