Random Pictures

The recently launched z13 has received a lot of press coverage over the last few months and the majority of it has been overwhelming positive with the press and analyst community really understanding the way the box has been designed from the ground up to capture the explosive growth of mobile workloads, focus on in-transaction analytics and how the box can competitively support a cloud when compared to the public cloud and on premise alternatives from x86.

However despite this overwhelmingly good press, I need to highlight an annoying trend. When you see an article on the recently announced and new z13, the press have a tendency to trawl the images results on Google and insert a random picture of a mainframe from 30 years ago. Now why the press feel the need to this is beyond me.

When Porsche launches a new 911 (a car the same age as the mainframe) the press coverage doesn’t include a 30-year old model? The same again with the Corvette (a car the same age as the mainframe) the press doesn’t include images of pop up headlights at random points in the article.

I can only assume that the press struggle to get their heads around that fact that every generation of the IBM mainframe represents a new box, and whilst it is an evolution of previous machines, the capabilities are ground breaking and often industry leading. We can but hope as Windows and Intel approach key milestones in their history (yes it is 30-years for Windows and 1978 for x86) that the press don’t focus on Windows 10 and Haswell and instead put random screen shots of Windows NT and 386 chips at random points in their articles.

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