Mainframe Theme Song

Earlier this week, I participated in my first #mainframedebate, it was quite fun. Not only did I meet new people, but some great colleagues and I worked together on the event.

One question from the crowd asked “If the mainframe had a theme song, what would it be ?” Of course, we all had a few initial reactions – “We are the Champions”, “Walk that Dinosaur”… laughs had all around… but then a funny thing happened, even though other questions kept coming in – we kept thinking about that perfect song.

Two hours later, I was still humming songs and thinking of other ones!! The trick was – the mainframe has so many unique and valuable qualities, was there really one song that could capture them all ? And I began to think ….

Its A Matter of Trust
The newly announced IBM z13 – is the most secure mainframe yet. It has Cryptographic performance improvements with new Crypto Express5S, combined with the RACF products

I’ll Be There For You
The mainframe is built on its availability and reliability – and the z13 is no different. This new mainframe I/O provides increased scale and addressability providing flexibility in consolidating more servers into a single footprint. The number of I/O devices per channel is increased to 32K, and the number of Logical Channel Subsystems (LCSS) has increased to 6, with 4 available subchannel sets. Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD), a vector processing model providing instruction level parallelism, to speed workloads such as analytics and mathematical modeling.

On the Road Again
Lets talk about the new mobile economy … this new mainframe marks the first time a system is able to process 30,000 transactions per second –the equivalent of 100 Cyber Mondays every day.

Here Comes The Sun
We may call it a cloud – but lets shed some light on what cloud capabilites of the new z13.
The z13 is the ideal cloud architecture, legendary for its ability to scale and reliably and securely handle multiple workloads. In a scale-out model, it is capable of running up to 8000 virtual servers –more than 50 virtual servers per core. No other platform can touch that, and for clients, it means lower software, energy and facilities costs.

I’m Still Standing
This mainframe has been tested to with stand the most intense conditions – watch here ->

And, because this New Yorker was having way too much fun searching for songs, one more from Ole Blue Eyes !

The Best is Yet to Come

See the other song suggestions from the group here –> , and follow #mainframedebate to join the fun next time !

Editors Note:  Tina is a first time blogger, and in this seasoned pros opinion has nailed it straight out the gate!  Tina can be found on Twitter via @tinatarq

3 thoughts on “Mainframe Theme Song

  1. “Taking Care of Business” – Bachmann-Turner Overdrive;
    Speed King” – Deep Purple;
    “I am a Rock” – Simon & Garfunkel;
    “Alive & Kicking” – Simple Minds;
    “Born to Run” – Springsteen;
    “I will Survive” – Gloria Gaynor


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