Power of Social media for z Systems

Given the focus and readership this relatively new blog has garnered over the last few weeks (approaching 3,000 total views in just over 2-months) thought I should pen a note as the Editor.  Pulling together a merry band of z experts both within IBM and externally with clients and ISV partners has been a very exciting mission this last few weeks.  The energy and excitement from all involved has been palpable.

We have posts lined up from Distinguished Engineers from within IBM and CA to be posted in the coming days and weeks, we have driven client engagements on Docker through our readers interest translating into tangible client engagement.  We have strengthened client involvement in the platform through enabling people to talk openly about their passionate feelings about the platform (Henri, I am talking about you).

I see this blog becoming an open non-IBM funded (I paid for the URL myself and don’t intend to claim it back on expenses) site where clients, IBMers and our ecosystem of partners can blog about the mainframe, what it means to them in a fun and passionate way that other corporate managed blogging platforms constrain.  If you want to write on this site, my editorial policy is pretty lightweight, but be warned I am a grammar and spelling pedant (please read Eats Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss for my inspiration on this matter), I will also not allow any use of the wrong trademarks as my marketing readership will likely kill me, so no zLinux references will be spotted, and it is now z Systems in case you haven’t noticed.

Please get in touch, if you are new to blogging then just email me your words and I will do the rest…

Hopefully speak to you soon.

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