Day 2 at Interconnect

Yesterday was such a packed day, ending in such an awesome evening that you are getting this post mid-morning on the 3rd day!!!  The day started with a really engaged panel discussion with our Cloud experts and clients with a guest appearance by Neil Cattermull from Compare the Cloud.  Then I ran to the MGM and did 2 pieces to camera for our sellers, so they can on their tablet understand the value prop for cloud on z, if your interested the 4 key themes are: TCO, Security, Availability and QoS…


Then I had a meeting with the WorldWide MSP sales leaders and VP’s to further refine the plan for how we go to market in the exciting MSP space.  Then I had a couple of ‘free’ hours so walked the boards in the Expo Centre. What an amazing collection of ISV’s and partners doing interesting things to add value to IBM solutions. I also spoke to the Verse development team about a few ideas…


Then I had drinks with the guys from the Cube and had a demo of the CrowdChat platform…


Then the highlight of the day and the conference so far… Vintage Trouble, the band did a phenomenal job of rocking the z crowd and then joined a few of us for drinks afterwards where I spoke to Richard the drummer about topics such as how our children learn music, politics and the UK music scene, super nice guys and I wish then well with the remainder of the recording for their next album and their touring…


All in all an eclectic but interesting day at IBM InetrConnect…

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