Millenials and the Mainframe

Unfortunately, we have started to see a trend where not many young professionals are joining the z workforce. Fortunately, myself and six others at IBM in 2014 were selected to be z Technical Client Specialists in the USA. If you are looking for an interesting, meaningful, and challenging job then you will definitely be impressed by what the mainframe environment can offer. 

On a daily basis you have a direct impact on the business decision and strategy supporting infrastructures of huge companies. “Every day is a new day” with a lot of learning opportunities and not just from hardware standpoint. This platform is diverse and used by many companies. Every client install is unique. You will be amazed by the different operating systems, software and databases that run on it and IBM continues expanding the supported software regularly. No other platform can offer such a diversified set up for your creativity, skill development and knowledge expansion. From career standpoint – this job does provide security and makes you really valuable on the market. Being a Java developer won’t necessarily make you stand out when you are looking for a next career move but mainframe skills will easily land you a job in any industry or top Fortune 500 company. The work environment is great for beginners as well. The community spirit is really strong among mainframers and the coworkers always embrace your passion and desire to learn. I would compare the teammates to an encyclopedia. The knowledge has been accumulated and used in the past couple of decades during many technological and industry changes. 

Many startups don’t get past the initial stages. Most will not be celebrating the 50th anniversary. 

The business model of z is different as well it is not just have to work but support millions of users, billions of transactions and no mistakes are allowed. It is a unique opportunity to start a career where you are making a direct impact on the critical business process of companies through the completion of your daily tasks. Getting any new role during a career change will require education and training and becoming a mainframer is no different. However, the scale of the challenges is much bigger, the opportunities are more exciting, and the tasks are interesting. You will get a job solving critical problems under close attention from the company leaders but the rewards are much higher as well.

I feel very lucky that a year and a half ago I was offered z technical role at IBM. No other platform can advance your knowledge that quickly, make you think big, work on solving real business problems, and connect with the smartest colleagues and customers.

Client Technical Specialist – z Systems

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